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万変不驚 Banpen Fugyo: Emptiness in the Midst of Constant Change

Infinite Dots - elevator ceiling, Fujisawa. photo by randomidea You may have heard about 万変不驚 Banpen Fugyo and how it has emerged to be part of this year's theme along with Kihon Happo. This arose partially because of the earthquake and other events in Japan, but this is also how Hatsumi Sensei seems to explore every year. Soke says, "To be able to survive and live in the midst of this constant change, it is important to comprehend that which is the essence. To this end, I believe it is important to vary this theme of change every year." Maybe you have a teacher who reminds you of 万変不驚 Banpen Fugyo all the time. You get the idea of "Ten thousand changes, No surprises", but how to put it into practice? There is a poem from the 22nd Buddhist Master 摩拏羅:Manorhita, 心隨萬境轉 the mind follows the ten thousand circumstances and shifts accordingly; 轉處實能幽 It is the shifting that is truly undefined. 隨流認得性 Follow the current and recognize your nature; 無喜復無憂 No rej