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VIDEO: Michael Glenn from Japan I'm having a great time in Japan. Hatsumi Sensei is fantastic and the training is great. I thought I would put out a quick video for my Bujinkan blog.  It's already been a few days since I shot the video and much more has happened. I have a ton of notes and experiences to share. But I have found I don't have time to sit in front of a computer and put out videos! So this one is very simple. Hope you enjoy.

Jintsu 神通: Mystical Power From Sudden Change

毘沙門天 Bishamonten photo by Satoshi Kobayashi Some people talk about 要 kaname, one aspect of this year's theme,  like simply translating the Japanese to English explains its meaning. This is a bit shallow. Hatsumi Sensei would probably encourage us to look deeper than that. My take on kaname is a bit different than other's I have spoken with. For me, one important aspect of kaname is being connected with 神通 jintsu and 神通力 jintsuuriki. These are mystical powers of heaven and earth that are connected to and pivoting through you. In Buddhism, Jintsu is known as "direct knowledge" or even "supernatural knowledge." This leads to some interesting super powers like: 天眼通 tengentsuu divine eye or clairvoyance; 神足通 jinsokutsuu unimpeded bodily function like walking on water or walking through walls; 天耳通 tennitsuu clairaudience or divine ear; 他心通 tashintsuu or telepathy; 宿命通 shukumyoutsuu remembering past lives; and 漏尽通 rojintsuu which is the extinction of contami