How Do You Train With Me?

There is no Substitute for the Physical Training Experience. 

Hatsumi Sensei and Michael Glenn
Reading my blog or studying Bujinkan on your own may be fun and rewarding, but to truly learn this art, you must get physical. There are things that only make sense when you feel and experience them directly. I know first hand how I can write or talk about an idea for hours, but it only takes one punch or one tap-out for you to instantly understand my meaning.

Don't miss out on the reality of our training. Join me or another qualified instructor. You will be amazed. It's easy to train with me. There are two ways to train with me directly:

Visit me in Santa Monica
Really, we'd love to meet and train with you! If you are in the area and would like to train, we have classes on Tues, Thurs, and Sunday nights.
Please call or email to reserve a spot.  310-866-2144
Other Cities

Kukan No Kyusho In 8 Kata: this is a breakthrough event focused on results. You learn how to generate explosive power from the kukan itself. Many techniques in the Bujinkan will not work or fail to come alive without understanding this important principle Hatsumi Sensei taught in 2011. Can you target the Kyusho in the Kukan? You will after this training!

We only have 3 months left to dig into this before I change to the next focused event. If your taijutsu can use these results, now is a great time to book this training.

Email me to schedule this today:
People haved trained with me from Sweden, Jordan, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, All over the U.S. including Colorado, Arizona, Atlanta, Nevada, most parts of California and even visitors from Japan! As Hatsumi Sensei says, we are all a family. You can train with us!


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