Daikomyosai week

Daikomyosai was wonderful for me. The energetic yet subtle movement expressed by Hatsumi Sensei was very inspiring. Sensei has put a lot of faith in us to share this art outside of Japan. After hearing some of Sensei's oldest students tell their stories, the attitude they share is a sincere gratefullness to Sensei for his generosity.

Many people in the Bujinkan are inspired by Sensei and inspire others in turn. I have been creating art on my iPod during this trip. This is partly inspired by Sensei. As an artist my art has often been complex. Watching Sensei make his paintings so freely has given me another direction to explore in my own work. I know my friend Paul Masse takes inspiration from Sensei too. I even convinced Paul to do a quick sketch on my iPod. I won't post it here, so as not to embarass him. He needs more training.

After Daikomyosai, we were back to normal classes with the Shihan. Yesterday I visited the Tokyo-Edo museum. The museum itself is a fantastic architectural sight. And inside you can learn about the history of Tokyo with entire buildings reconstructed inside the huge space.

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