A Class With Hatsumi Sensei and Chinese Sandstorms in Japan

Atago Bikes Blown Over by High Winds, photo by Michael Glenn
Here in Japan the winds have been intense. I've been dodging debris and digging sand out of my eyes and hair. Even the trains have shut down because of high winds.

They say the pollution has increased as it has blown in from mainland China. I've never thought of wearing one of those dust masks that Japanese people often wear, but it could have helped today. None of this has stopped me from training!

I will be updating with detailed training notes and videos for members of Rojodojo. If you haven't discovered everything there yet, now is a great time to help me out and sign up! Maybe then I can buy a dust mask, or at least go to more classes.

Here is more detail on Hatsumi Sensei's class last night: Ken 剣: Class With Hatsumi

Meanwhile I will keep adding great material to this blog as well as my Mosh Pit. So far training has been wonderful and I will find something to hold onto so I don't blow away. Bufu Ikkan!


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