Don't Know What to Expect in Bujinkan Training? Me Neither.

Somedays I don't feel like going to class. But I go anyway. Why?

Well, one spectacular reason just happened to me (again) yesterday. I showed up and saw this:

斧 ono
This is an 斧 ono, and it's not often one sees it in action at the Hombu. Yes that is rust, and that is solid metal, and one heavy muther&^%.

So I can't believe my luck when another surprise appears:

鎖鎌 kusarigama
Another hefty piece of equipment by the name of 鎖鎌 kusarigama. Or you may just call it, the reaper.

Go to class or Michael will hit you with 大槌 o-tsuchi

So anyway, go to class. Like I've said before you might find a surprise there, and not going just feels empty.


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