Remember These 3 Steps Next Time You Get Confused In Your Bujinkan Class

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The Bujinkan is not for everybody. It is only for people who get it. My way of teaching the Bujinkan is not for everybody. But it works for me. And it works for those of you who get it and who want it.

If you study with me, I add a secret teaching technique that I will call "Michael Glenn's Patented 秘密 Himitsu Bujinkan Strategy™." I use this silly name because I want you to try to figure out what it is. If you can guess it, I will send you a free DVD.

So if you want to be successful in your Bujinkan class, there are 3 simple steps:

(add Michael Glenn's 秘密 Himitsu Bujinkan Strategy™ first) then,

  1. Attempt
  2. Observe
  3. Repeat
So let's consider these steps in order.

Attempt. It is better to start by trying. Until you try, you don't even know if you can do it. Until you try, you don't know where your mistakes will be. This is the only way to know what to look for in the next step.

Next, Observe someone who is successful. In your Bujinkan class, this can be your teacher, the senior students, or even your training partner.

(This is another great spot for more of Michael Glenn's 秘密 Himitsu Bujinkan Strategy™.)

When you repeat, you will make your next attempt more knowledgeable based on your observations. Your next try will be more refined, with less mistakes. Soon you will be the example that other Bujinkan students want to observe.

If you are a teacher, set up your Bujinkan class with these steps for success. Too many teachers teach for the wrong reasons. Know your purpose as a teacher: The focus is not to teach, or to test. A teacher’s job is to facilitate learning.

The funny thing is, everyone reading this article is a Sensei. I firmly believe that our whole lives we are our own greatest teachers. But you are at the same time your own best and worst student.

Who demands smart training? Who will do this with intention? I have no doubt that my students will succeed.

The question is, are you going to be your own best teacher? Will you keep going? Will you be the example?

PS. send me an email with your answer to What is Michael Glenn's 秘密 Himitsu Bujinkan Strategy™?  get a free DVD if you guess my secret teaching technique.


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