Sunday Afternoon at the Bujinkan Takamatsu Memorial

Michael Glenn at the Bujinkan Takamatsu Memorial
The fall weather has been beautiful and the training very rich. More about that soon, but this afternoon Hatsumi Sensei invited as many as we could caravan over to his country house.

driving to Hatsumi Sensei's country house
After an pleasant drive, we arrived to be greeted by Soke.
Hatsumi Sensei opens the gate
It says Hatsumi

Hatsumi Sensei is very welcoming
We also were welcomed by his horses.

Hatsumi Sensei's horse
Hatsumi Sensei's horses were always searching for food
Soke really enjoys describing all the statues and monuments to us.

Hatsumi Sensei tells us about the monuments
a gorinoto
Hatsumi Sensei examines the Takamatsu memorial
Then Hatsumi Sensei made sure that everyone found a place for their stones.

Hatsumi Sensei looks for a stone
I brought a stone from Santa Monica during my trip in September and Soke had placed it just to the left of Takamatsu's bust.

A rock from Santa Monica Mountains now in Japan at the Bujinkan Takamatsu Memorial
The horses meanwhile found where I left my backpack and were about to tear it open... Hatsumi Sensei thought this was very funny.

My backpack (in the back) is discovered by Hatsumi Sensei's horses
Hatsumi Sensei couldn't get his horses to stay still. It was funny watching him chase them.

Hatsumi Sensei tries to hold his fleeing horse
Hanging out with Sensei is always relaxed and full of humor.

Hatsumi Soke sharing the Takamatsu memorial
Hatsumi Sensei and Marilyn Monroe welcome us
I feel very lucky to be part of the Bujinkan with such a generous Soke.

Guarding the gate at Hatsumi Sensei's house
Hatsumi Sensei's giving nature informs our Bujinkan training like a connecting thread through the generations. I will write more about my training here in Japan soon.


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