Kôichi Ôguri Sensei: 永遠の眠 A Long Sleep

Oguri Sensei's daughter writes: 

Sayaka Oguri (via Facebook)
"My father Koichi Oguri had a long long sleep..."

 Thank you Oguri Sensei for your wonderful spirit and training. I will miss your infectious laugh, and the way you held your hand on your hip right after you put me in a body crunch.

I also appreciate all the easy conversations we had. Even though the language barrier was awkward, you were never impatient with me.

We will train hard for you tonight!

If anyone has pictures or would like to share memories of Oguri Sensei, please comment below or email me: bujinkansantamonica@gmail.com

You can read about one class I had with Oguri Sensei here:

The Power of Juuji in Taijutsu, Discovered via Oguri Sensei



My budo is better for having known and trained with Oguri Sensei. I am better for having known and trained with him. I will profoundly miss Oguri Sensei.

Brian Mc Carthy

R.I.P. Sensei, I thank you for your knowledge and kindness. A Warrior & Gentleman

Brian Mc Carthy

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