Introducing Rojodojo and 五法 Goho Video Preview

I'd like to begin this post by thanking all of you for your presence and support over the past few years. This blog started because I have a deep abiding passion for the Bujinkan, which has been an integral part of my life's journey for well over half my life, and will remain so for the duration. And every one of you has been a part of that.

I care so much about the Bujinkan because it's a dynamic, living art. One which spoke to me as a skinny, awkward boy, and one which has evolved with me and for me as I've transformed physically and spiritually to embrace all aspects of this wonderfully rich lifestyle. It has given me grace as well as strength, balance and wisdom.

I don't practice Bujinkan; I'm immersed in it fully. It's not a study, it is, simply put, a transformational of the most enriching and enduring relationships I have.

I teach Bujinkan as an extension of this relationship. I blog for the same reason. And I am so honored and proud to announce the launch of my new website which takes this union to the next level. It is intended to realize the vision I have for my Bujinkan life, and hopefully for yours, too.

At, I will continue to blog, publish my heartfelt training notes after every class, and explore the culture of our art through as many mediums as possible. I'll bring my love for the arts, film making, philosophy, and travel to the table. And I will produce training videos from my unique perspective. I will also travel, providing seminars and documenting these experiences for you to share.

This is my way of expanding and enriching what I give back to the community I'm so proud to be a part of. As with my classes, I pledge to keep the membership fees reasonable and affordable. They exist to enable me to continue to provide you with the best possible content.

I invite you to join me. I'd love to see you at one of my Bujinkan Santa Monica classes or in a seminar at a dojo near you. And I'd love to share it all with you through an exclusive membership to, where you can embark on every step of this dynamic journey.

Please accept this invitation. Come take a look. Together, let's continue the journey!


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