How Did I Train a Police Officer?

Michael Glenn and Chris Chilton
Ever since I started this blog in 2009, or launched my Rojodojo website for my Bujinkan videos , or even writing to my private Bujinkan email list, people from all over the world have connected with me. This is always something I loved about our art. It is truly international and one big family.

This week I was lucky to meet Police Officer Chris Chilton from Columbus, OH. He had originally connected with me more than a year ago. And now he decided to take a break from the cold and snow in Ohio to come train with me in person.

I don't think the fact that we have 70 degree temperatures and a beach down the street had anything to do with it.

I convinced him to speak a little about some of his experiences this last week. He was very kind to share his perspective:

I had a great time meeting him and sharing lessons I've studied with Hatsumi Sensei. He got along wonderfully with everyone in my classes. And I find it very impressive that he dedicates himself so much to his own training that he would fly across the U.S. in search of quality Bujinkan study.

Chris it was great meeting you and I hope to throw you around again soon!
Chris fit right in with Bujinkan Santa Monica


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