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More 神韻武導 Shin Gin Bu Dou Japan Training Notes

Moonlight Enters the Bujinkan Hombu, photo by Michael Glenn
Below is a video preview of my latest notes from Japan about 神韻武導 Shingin Budo.

When I was training in Japan last week, I wrote extensive notes. I also recorded some video. This is part of my own learning process.

If you've been on a training trip to Japan yourself, you know how compressed that experience can be. Maybe you go to 2-3 classes everyday for 2 weeks. That is more classes than some people who live in Japan attend in a whole year! It is a huge amount of information crammed into a short time.

Hatsumi Sensei told us last week that when we are fighting we have to read the signs or hints (気配 kehai) that our opponent or the situation show us. So I record my notes as I discover these signs. If I get a hint of something important from my teachers, I make a record of it for later.

Then I come home and unpack my luggage. But also unpack my mind and body. I use my notes to debrief myself. They are like a compressed computer file that needs to be unzipped.

This process takes a few months and many classes while I uncover the treasures of my own experience in Japan. Then, when I start to feel confident that I understand, I go back to Japan for more mind, body, and heart transmission.

If you are reading this, then I'm not worried about your drive to learn. You have the ability to get more from training than most people by using all the resources available to you.

Here is your invitation: You can read about my Japan training and also get personal notes here: get your notes.  And an even bigger resource I offer is what I bring back from Japan for my own students, you can purchase this intensive training here:

Here is a preview of my latest:
and the preview link:

In this video, I share 2 specific strategies I discovered about how to use this year's theme of 神韻武導 Shin Gin Bu Dou. I learned from Hatsumi Sensei to create your own kukan and resonate with this divine space. This can be something subtle and hidden, or powerful like entering a sacred space.

In conversation, this may seem more metaphysical than combat related. But doing this physically opens you up and frees you from using your own ego, your own muscle or force, or even your own technique. The results are techniques that the opponent cannot counter.


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