Bujinkan lifestyles of the sore and happy.

Hatsumi Sensei's Sunday class was the most crowded I've ever witnessed. For the bow in, we filled the place all the way past the windows. Leaving at most 10 feet to the weapons rack. The rumor was that we were over 200. My friend Gillian said she didn't come for training, she was there for the spectacle.

Even in that circus environment Soke managed to drop some gems of training wisdom among the crowd. If you were there I hope you found one for yourself.

After training I travelled into Tokyo to meet my friends Nate and Michelle and their friend Chinatsu. This was to be a spectacular second half to my already great Sunday.

First we went to Shimokitazawa to shop and people watch. We stopped for some tea that was refreshing. Next, we went for a twilight stroll through Rikugien. This Edo period garden was full of Yugen with the colors of the Japanese maple softly lit up for the evening. We ended up in Asakusa where we paid our respects at the temple and had dinner in a private room.

After today, my training trip to Japan could end and I would be happy. And my trip has only begun! What wonders await?

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