Friday night with Hatsumi Sensei

Friday night class with Hatsumi Sensei was crowded. It's always that way the weekend before Daikomyosai. In years past I've seen as many as 160 to 170 people in Hombu! It makes for an interesting training experience.

Soke was very dynamic in the training, and was looking very lively with his intense purple hair. If you haven't seen him with it, you can visit Doug Wilson's blog: Smoke On The Water or my own post:
Iro 色: Attach to Color, Follow the Color to read all about the purple hair and what it signifies.

Sensei made great use of the crowded environment. He seemed to absorb the kukan and shrink it until his attacker was crushed within. It was like the air itself had been evacuated from the space. Yet somehow, Sensei was very free in this vacuum.

It was great to see my Bujinkan friends and family from around the world. I'm looking forward to some great training here in Japan.

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