Bujinkan notes from Japan

On my way to Japan for some training. I'm going to attempt blogging during my trip. I'm looking forward to this process.

In the past, when I made these training trips, I would fill up my training notebooks with my bad handwriting. These notes consisted of descriptions of my training with Hatsumi Sensei and the Shihan. I would fill in details to help me understand what I was experiencing in each class. Some of my notes are very specific technique descriptions. Some are just poetic windows on the feeling of the class. Sensei always says the feeling is what he is teaching; it's what you should get from the class.

Sometimes my notes are in the form of sketches or drawings. And at least one year my notebook preferred to keep it's blank pages intact. Notes are something that is only useful for the notetaker. my notes are a reflection of my training journey.

Blogging during this journey will be an interesting addition to my process of understanding.

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