Chi-Haya-Buru A Japanese Cultural Treasure

My friend Craig Olson has written a great little book:

"Chi-Haya-Buru examines the cultural significance of Japanese Uta, the venerable ancestor to the Haiku, and is a book that both historians and Japanese enthusiasts will enjoy exploring.

The author cleverly navigates the linguistic composition of these ancient literary works and gives an inside look at an exceptionally rare and powerful epitaph – Chi-Haya-Buru.

This well laid out, thought provoking book, reveals important cultural-historical links that look back to - and beyond - the very origins of Japan; demonstrating why Japanese Uta were prized by ancient nobility and still today remain a valuable Japanese cultural treasure."

If you are like me, you stupidly repeat the Japanese phrases Hatsumi Sensei uses without understanding the depth behind the words.  Or the richness of the Japanese language and the art that we study.  Most of the time, that is difficult to change without majoring in Japanese.

This book connected me to the rich depth of the language.  It helped me understand how deep the Bujinkan runs.  And how rich training can be when you understand the words!  And a bonus, Hatsumi Sensei did most of the artwork in the book!

Thanks Craig.  Now I have a bunch more of Sensei's quotes that need books about them...

You can purchase Craig's book here: Chi-Haya-Buru


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